Friday, August 3, 2012


So, of course Bravehost/Bravenet (the company I used to host my other website for free) suddenly yanked free hosting out from under everyone.  With no warning or email notice or anything--suddenly I went to my website (thank goodness I checked it) and there was a big pop-up telling me to log in to see changes with my account.

YEAH.  That's really professional-looking, for sure.  THANKS DOUCHES.

Now I am faced with the task of finding a decent free hosting service, which is completely lame because Bravehost served me just fine until July 31st.  I debated buying hosting from them just to make it easier, but I really don't want to give my business to a company who made my website completely useless without even giving me a heads up.  That's just not good business at all.

If anyone knows of any good sites, please let me know.  Bonus if they have templates and a visual editor, as well as a text one.  (I don't know if that's a standard thing, but I'm only so-so with the HTML so I do sometimes need to work off a template, or click and drag things to arrange them.)

Thanks!! :D

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