Saturday, August 18, 2012

You're hired!

I had a chuckle today while checking out my analytics page for the blog--I came across these search terms:

"job poisitions that require the ability to speak ubbi-dubbi."***

Here's the deal, reader from Pennsylvania.  Even though you spelled positions wrong, I like you already.  And I need an intern.  I can't pay you, but it's not a ton of work and I'll gladly write you a letter for college/high school credit.  If nothing else, it's experience, and you can work from home.  Deal?  Deal.

In all honesty, though, I'm seriously considering hiring an intern to help out with my children's television work.  I need someone to help bring loose ends together, and I can't be everywhere at once.  (Not for lack of trying.  15 hour commute plus 20 hour a week job plus 50 hour a week job plus full time college!  I've gone from a person who "occasionally" drinks coffee to someone who mainlines it.)

I'm in the process of contacting some people to check on the legality of the whole thing (can a individual really hire an intern, or do colleges only consider reputable corporations?) but I'm a little excited at the prospect of having a helper.

***For those not in the know, Ubbi Dubbi is a language commonly spoken on the children's television show Zoom.  I am fluent--but it's never helped me get a job.  Also, this photo I posted?  I'm pretty sure it's the second season cast--the season I actually auditioned for myself.

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