Monday, December 3, 2012

Well, isn't that colorful?

This is what my spine looks like.

The green areas are "good".  Normal spines should be green.

Red/orange/yellow areas?  Not so much.  So apparently my back is totally gnarly.  They're looking at the x-rays now and I get to go back in and learn more on Wednesday.

This was all spurned by the fact that:

-Remember my colonoscopy/endoscopy?  Well, my results came back perfectly normal.  Which meant, despite my symptoms, I did NOT have either a gluten allergy or celiac disease.  They told me I have IBS (which I was diagnosed with years ago--it's mainly stress/anxiety related) and sent me on my way.

-When I stopped eating gluten cold turkey and then added it back in, my body FREAKED.OUT.  The worst symptom was lower back pain, which people said was my "intestines inflaming".  I decided that by cutting out gluten entirely I had done myself a disservice and somehow made myself even more sensitive to it.  So after my colonoscopy I added it back into my diet gradually.

-This tactic worked pretty well.  Until this weekend, when I was wholloped with back pain on both Saturday and Sunday night.   By Sunday I was all over Facebook asking my medical friends (I have one RN, one MD, and a bunch of medical students on my friends list) what it could possibly be.

They have suggested a few things, mainly kidney stones (probably not since the pain is so random), sciatica (which seems possible) or narrowing of nerve...roots...something?  I don't even know.

The good news is, the chiropractor I saw said that spinal misalignment can cause all kinds of crazy symptoms--including headaches (which I've been getting lately) anxiety (YES) and even...dun dun dun...digestive problems!  

So this whole mysterious gluten allergy is HOPEFULLY going to be cleared up soon by a magical chiropractor.  I sure hope it's something he can spot easily and fix easily!

Plus y'know, if my anxiety gets better that's just a super added bonus.


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Little Mel said...

I have IBS. It's horrid and I hate it, and I cry so much when I get hit with it.