Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey/Crunch Time/Dear God

Is school over yet?  Jesus.
I have a mere two weeks to "finish" my novel.  (This is my own goal, my advisor said it doesn't need to be finished but I feel silly turning in a half-written novel as a final project!)
I also have to write two completely ridiculous papers about writing. This all explains why my updates have been few and far between.

Yeah, writing about writing.  I think that is my new least favorite topic.

I hope everyone had a lovely Turkey Day.  I had a five day weekend or something like that, and it was pretty sweet.  I also overdid it on Black Friday (it's ridiculous long it takes to make money and how quickly it can be spent!) but I got most of my gift buying done...plus I have two new pairs of boots and some awesome new headphones for work.  I'd been eyeing them and they were $20 off...I had to.

In other news, today was (literally) Alison appreciation day at work.  And yesterday I wrote the new tag line for the company, which gets me a $100 bonus check.  I'm pretty pumped about that, mostly because um, I wrote a company tag line!  How awesome am I?

Things are good, but all in all I am so ready to be done with school.  People keep asking me if I'm planning on grad school and I just laugh at them.  145 days until I have a diploma in my hand, and I'm running away after that and never looking back.

Unless I decide to teach creative writing someday, that is.  In which case I'll, y'know, work in a school. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  For now, I'm excited about all the books I'm going to read and the TV shows I'm going to knock out of my Netflix queue once school is done!

Any recommendations on either front?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My nightmare at the polls...

Even election day doesn't go off without a hitch around here...

I got out of work at 5PM and headed straight to the polls.  Now, I used to live in Massachusetts but a number of years ago (not sure how many, I'm guessing around six) I moved to Connecticut.  Although I changed my license and all that, I DID NOT register to vote in Connecticut.

It never crossed my mind at first.  I was still reasonably close to Massachusetts, so why not drive over the line and go vote in my old hometown?  I didn't see anything wrong with that.

Someone made me fill out paperwork to register in CT for the last election, but it turned out to be a huge hassle.  I remember trying to drop it off at Town Hall but they wouldn't take it for some reason.  I was annoyed to be getting the run-around, so I saw voting in Massachusetts to be the simpler option.

For the last presidential election, I walked in, stood in line, told the woman at the desk my name, and voted.  Simple.

This time?

My name wasn't on the list.

A man there got on the phone with someone to determine that I had been deleted from the system because I moved to Connecticut.  But I already had been living in Connecticut for years when I voted the first time. That didn't quite explain things.  But then I learned I hadn't returned a census. (My ex threw it out.)  And that Massachusetts purges voters from the system every 3 years to clear out anyone who is deceased.


The man with the phone told me I wasn't registered anywhere.

"So I can't vote?"  I asked.  "I can't vote at all?"

He shook his head and told me he was sorry.  He said that he had a crazy ex, too, and she probably would have thrown out his census as well.

I felt really lost, standing in the middle of the polling room.  My opinion officially didn't matter.  I was completely useless in a sea of people who were making their opinion count.

Cut to me bitching on Facebook about how I'm probably the only moron who didn't know you had to RE-Register to vote.  (The first time had been so easy!  I thought it would always be like that--I had no clue you ever got purged from the system.)

Luckily, a few of my friends thought that this sounded fishy.

"What about a provisional ballot?"  They asked me.


And so, after trips to THREE different polling places (where most people working the polls don't actually have any idea what a provisional ballot is!), half a tank of gas, and some car-contained yelling and crying (done at different points in time) I have officially voted.

Although, providential ballots don't get counted until the 16th, so I'm not exactly sure how my vote affects the election...but, whatever.  I feel better anyway.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good news didn't take long!

I'm pretty lucky it seems, that only a couple days after I was fired, my part-time job decided to take me on full-time...with a pretty sweet raise, to boot.

So finally I can resume some sort of semblance of "life as a normal person"...I can stop working 70 hour weeks and work 40 instead.  I can stop driving 17 hours a week and drive 5 instead.  I can stop paying $400 on gas in a month and pay $____?? instead.

I am beyond thrilled to resume meetings with my writing group.  To take baths with a good book once I come home from work.  To play with my cat (even though he's stalking my feet as I write this) and straighten my hair and do my makeup.  To get 8 hours of sleep instead of 4.  To pick up around the house and watch a DVD if I feel like it.

And maybe, just maybe, with a little luck, I really can finish this novel I'm writing in SIX weeks.  Oh, crap.  Only five weeks now...