Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hard sell.

I always get these sweet southern ladies when I call up my internet provider.  They're absurdly friendly and we usually end up laughing about stupid shit and it's pretty amusing.

Today was no exception.  We laughed and she made fun of me having to haul out a LADDER to switch off my modem.  We got my internet fixed.

And then she tried to "give" me a free month of cable TV.  To which I told her that I didn't have a TV.

(this is a lie, sort of.  Shaun brought a TV over to my place ages ago so we could watch DVDs, but I never use it--and since I don't have cable hookups or a digital antenna, it doesn't get any channels.)

She sucked in a shocked breath and asked incredulously, "You don't have a TV?"

I said, "No, I'm one of those weird people without a TV."

She told me, "Well, you can watch our digital channels online."

I said, "Well, yes.  But I'm also a student, so me having a month of free cable isn't exactly a good idea."

She said, "Please.  I was a nursing student and I couldn't live without my TV."

(I didn't point out the sheer irony that she was now doing phone tech support and not, y'know, nursing.)

She went on to ask me what I was studying.  When I told her I was a Creative Writing major and am finishing up my "first" novel, she said...

"Well, you can watch TV and it will make your novel even better."

Talk about a stretch.  This lady should work for Kirby or something.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

RAIK: Random Acts of Internet Kindness

People on the internet can be so mean.  Some hide behind an anonymous name to make nasty comments-- and once you don't have to actually stand behind your opinion, the internet becomes a free-for-all.  (This is one of the reasons Youtube has begun encouraging users to use their full name recently.)

Last night and today in particular I've seen way too much negativity online.  People jumping all over one another on Facebook (and this is non-anon!) calling each other names and implying the ignorance of the OP in other ways.  It's pretty awful, and I'm overwhelmed by all this anger and bitterness.  And with all this,  I'm not even talking about the "cyber bullying" that is going down among our youth--which is, of course, even worse.

A long time ago I mentioned trying to spread positivity online.  Well, I still think it's something we should be actively doing.  We need to make the good outweigh the bad!

 Here are some of my suggestions:

  • If you're looking at a photo of someone and you think they look beautiful, or they have a great outfit on, a friendly smile, or whatever--tell them so.  
  • If someone posts something that you find beautifully poetic, a wonderfully composed image, or something that educated you in a way you didn't expect--thank them for sharing.
  • If a joke or a photo makes you think of someone and smile--share it with them.

There are tons of other things you can do, too.  When you see an internet argument, don't jump in and add fuel to the fire.  It is possible to have a discussion that respects everyone's ideas and viewpoints, but on the internet they seem few and far between.  When you don't have all the facts about a situation, try not to make snap judgements.  It's always better to ask for clarification then to misunderstand.

The internet doesn't have to be such a negative place.  (And neither does the world...but let's take this one step at a time, shall we?)

PS: Feel free to share this post and encourage positivity!  And be sure to comment back if you take on this experiment yourself, or have any other suggestions.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I have been goofing off instead of writing.

Because honestly, this paper is just too horrid to face.
I have 5 pages done so far out of the required 15-30.
Have I mentioned I really hate writing about writing?
Oh yeah.
I have.

I leave you with me wasting time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Well, isn't that colorful?

This is what my spine looks like.

The green areas are "good".  Normal spines should be green.

Red/orange/yellow areas?  Not so much.  So apparently my back is totally gnarly.  They're looking at the x-rays now and I get to go back in and learn more on Wednesday.

This was all spurned by the fact that:

-Remember my colonoscopy/endoscopy?  Well, my results came back perfectly normal.  Which meant, despite my symptoms, I did NOT have either a gluten allergy or celiac disease.  They told me I have IBS (which I was diagnosed with years ago--it's mainly stress/anxiety related) and sent me on my way.

-When I stopped eating gluten cold turkey and then added it back in, my body FREAKED.OUT.  The worst symptom was lower back pain, which people said was my "intestines inflaming".  I decided that by cutting out gluten entirely I had done myself a disservice and somehow made myself even more sensitive to it.  So after my colonoscopy I added it back into my diet gradually.

-This tactic worked pretty well.  Until this weekend, when I was wholloped with back pain on both Saturday and Sunday night.   By Sunday I was all over Facebook asking my medical friends (I have one RN, one MD, and a bunch of medical students on my friends list) what it could possibly be.

They have suggested a few things, mainly kidney stones (probably not since the pain is so random), sciatica (which seems possible) or narrowing of nerve...roots...something?  I don't even know.

The good news is, the chiropractor I saw said that spinal misalignment can cause all kinds of crazy symptoms--including headaches (which I've been getting lately) anxiety (YES) and even...dun dun dun...digestive problems!  

So this whole mysterious gluten allergy is HOPEFULLY going to be cleared up soon by a magical chiropractor.  I sure hope it's something he can spot easily and fix easily!

Plus y'know, if my anxiety gets better that's just a super added bonus.