Monday, January 21, 2013


I am officially 90 days away from graduation.
I just turned in my last draft of my senior thesis to my advisor and second reader.
Aside from some minor edits, my last semester is over.

I'm pretty damn excited.  A little scared about having to speak at graduation and give my (45 minute!!) senior presentation...but I'm sure I'll get through it.

I think I'm most excited, though, to be able to sit down with my novel on my own time.  The hardest part about this "process" has been being forced to qualify my learning, and do things like squeeze 3 books into a 3 week period and write about them.  It felt like a distraction most of the time, and while my initial research did serve to help my novel factually, the rest just seemed excessive.

Anyway, now I get to focus on the "real stuff".  Like editing.  And writing more. (There's so much more to the story that I want to tell, even though my second reader claimed the story "feels done".  I can't agree with that!)  And more editing.  And writing book proposals and summaries. And eventually, (I'm shooting for June!) meeting with literary agents.

Pretty excited about it all in general.  And I can't wait to hold in my hand the most expensive piece of paper I've ever bought...

(This photo is not actually relevant because my school doesn't do caps and gowns.  Too mainstream, I guess.  #hipstercollege.)

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