Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Birchbox!

I vowed I'd give Birchbox THREE chances to really "hook" me.

My January box, the first one, was so-so...I loved the shampoo, and I'm using the lipgloss even though I'm not a huge fan.  I at least could give the products a SHOT...

My February box arrived a little while ago, and, well...

It's safe to say, I'm still disappointed.  Even more disappointed than the first box, actually.

1. Ghiradelli chocolate: Really?  This is a BEAUTY box.  I think the only time chocolate would be appropriate at all would be if it was one of those 75% pure cacao ones that actually has health benefits, antioxidants and such.  If I wanted Ghiradelli (which I don't!) I would go to the store and buy some.

2) Color Club Fiesta Collection Nail Polish: This was a good try, in theory.  It would have worked if a) I don't get my nails done professionally and b) if it wasn't such an ugly color.  I personally don't like it, so I'm giving it to a friend...who, honestly, probably won't like the color either.  But it's worth a shot.

3) Skin & Co. Sicilian Body Gel:  This sounds super fancy, right?  Essentially, it's just a bath soap.  I was at least excited to try this one, and it smells really good out of the tube--like oranges--but I didn't notice any major difference with my skin.  I don't feel cleaner or softer or more moisturized or anything, and the smell doesn't linger.

4) Lancome Bi-Facil:  This is an eye makeup remover.  Which is totally pointless to me, because the only makeup I wear is my eyeliner--which is TATTOOED on and doesn't come off.

5) a twistband Headband (not pictured): My friend Katie and I made these headbands ourselves when she came up for winter break.  All it took was some fabric, a glue gun, and a hair elastic.  I have probably ten of them. The twistband I got is in a hideous pink shade that I will literally only wear around the house.

The overall verdict?  I really wish Birchbox allowed us to customize our options more.  If they did, I could tell them straight up that I hate the color pink, that I don't wear nail polish, don't like chocolate, and don't wear eye makeup.

That being said, I DID change my settings for the next box.  I had put down that I was "low maintenance", and I changed it to "adventurous".  I also had selected previously that I knew "the basics" of makeup...I changed that to "I am well-versed" or something to that degree.

I hope these changes will shake up my next box a little!  If not, I'm definitely heading over to ipsy and their Glambag!

(If you would like to try Birchbox yourself, feel free to use my referral link!)

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