Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wet blanket attends (another) concert.

Remember roughly two years ago when I went to see Bright Eyes at the Radio City Music Hall and decided that I was, in fact, too old for concerts?

Well, I've been going to concerts since then.

The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Leonard Cohen, Afghan Whigs, Gin Blossoms...
and last night...
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Concerts grew on me a bit, especially the outdoor arenas where I could just lay back on the grass and wander up front if I wanted to. (The Decemberists was the best show ever.  I want them to come back every year.)  Really calm, no one shoving and sweating all over me... but after last night (although it was a great show, don't get me wrong) I'm back to my I'm-too-old-for-this mentality.  I sat in a cramped seat next to a girl who kept rubbing her butt on me as she danced (even after I gave her a warning jab to let her know that wasn't the chair she was bumping into!) and by the end of the show both my coat and my boyfriend's hoodie were covered in $13 worth of mystery beer.  (But hey, at least it wasn't pee.)

The good news is, I have seen almost every band I've set out to see.  I only have Tom Waits left on my definitive list--and he apparently keeps his tours annoyingly in the mid-west, so that might be a hike.  I'd also like to see Transiberian Orchestra one of these days, but they come around every year so it's not as much of a novelty.

But yes.  All in all it was a good show.  I had no idea Nick Cave was that much of a rock star, but he had a ton of energy and was grabbing everyones hands and playing it up.  They played Red Right Hand which is my favorite--I would have paid money to just hear them play that over and over.  Super glad that I got to go, despite my friendly-butted neighbor and the beer bath.

Friday, March 22, 2013

"David Bowie influenced my fashion sense..."

I was driving home listening to the new David Bowie album, and despite being a big Bowie fan, I'm not exactly liking it so far.  Which to me, after years and years of fangirl obsession and seeing him in concert at least three times, felt awful.  I felt like I woke up next to someone after years of cohabiting/marriage whatever and just realized, Huh. I don't love him.

So I'm doing what any (sane?) Bowie fan would do--putting the album on repeat until I love it.

Anyway.  I got to thinking about the evolution of my Bowie obsession:  It started the summer before my Senior year of high school when shopping for school clothes.  The store I was in had ChangesBowie on repeat, and I realized that I recognized a lot of the songs (and really liked them) but had no clue who was singing.  I asked a salesgirl, and within a few hours I was on my way home with ChangesBowie in my Discman.  (And no new school clothes.)  That's all it took.  Before that, I had only seen the movie Labyrinth maybe once...

I apologize for this horribly pixelated image, but Bowie influenced my fashion sense, too, which is hilarious when you consider the fact that I don't mean glitter makeup, shaved off eyebrows (although, I did that my junior year of high school--not intentionally!) and platform boots or anything of that nature.
Yep.  I stole the whole loosely-tied-tie-around-the-waist-as-a-belt idea from his Reality tour.  (And okay, I was in the cheap seats.  Now that I can examine these pictures on the internet, I think it ACTUALLY is a belt, not a tie.  But whatever.  I wore a tie because it looked like a tie.)

And.... Chucks!  Everyone in high school seemed to have a pair of Chucks, but it wasn't until the Reality tour when I saw Bowie in them that I actually started considering them.  If he could wear them, I could wear them...

But yeah.  Other than that, David Bowie hasn't influenced me at all...I swear...

(I've been going through old photos lately, obviously...)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's not me it's you.


Looking for apartments has to be one of the most stressful things in the world.  You know what you want and what your price range is, but nothing seems to match up just right.  If you find something in your price range, it's too far from work.  If you find something close to work, it doesn't allow pets.  It's really hard.

I've gotta get out of my apartment soon, though.  My neighbors are becoming disrespectful (they came in at 1 AM on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning and proceeded to have a loud party, complete with blasting music and a drum kit, that lasted for at least four hours, possibly even longer) and when I left them a note informing them that people live here and they should be more considerate (not many people actually live here: I thought it was reasonable to think they might not know anyone can hear them) it was responded to with the following:

"The drama llama says balls. Ha ha!"

Which, y'know, is rude to begin with, presumably NOT written by a fourth grader--despite how mature it is, and also just...the bad punctuation just infuriates me.  I think after everything that might, in fact, be the offense I'm the most upset about.

I've been here for three years and I've never made a peep to anyone, so they probably assume the note was left by someone else (there are some notorious note-leavers here) but...honestly.  I'm so annoyed.  I hope I can find a nice, normal place soon with people that keep normal hours.

Until then, I'll be curled up with my newly downloaded sound machine app.  It might not block them out, but at least it helped me fall asleep eventually!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Birchbox!

After I changed my settings from "low maintenance" to "I know what I'm doing when it comes to makeup", I was holding my breath for my March Birchbox.

Drumroll, please!

I think changing my settings was the way to go!

Top row: Whish shaving cream:  This stuff smells like blueberries and has a lot of air whipped into it.  It claims to be (and so far, seems to be) super moisturizing, which is great for dry winter over-shaved skin!  I'm a fan!

Benetint!!! I have to admit that I've been lusting over Benetint for probably years now, but I've always felt too frugal to pony up the money for a bottle--I think it's around $30.  I squealed when I saw a sample in my box! I'll probably buy it now that I can use a Birchbox coupon and earn points.  (For those of you who've never heard of it: Benetint is an awesome lip and cheek stain that looks super natural and has pretty decent lasting power.  I didn't know this until I read the package, but Benetint was actually created for a exotic dancer who wanted something to paint her nipples with to make them more pronounced!  So, I guess it's a great all-in-one item! 

(That little piece of paper was just an announcement for a new product, not a sample or a coupon.  Boo.)

Bottom row:

Macadamia Natural Oil: Healing Oil Treatment.  It says on the back that you can use it as a masque, leave-in conditioner, or for "styling and finishing".  I've only used a tiny amount of it on dry hair to smooth down some fly aways, and to give me some added moisture while blowdrying, as I don't use conditioner.  It smells really good, a little bit musky and nutty but in a good way.

SuperGoop Everyday Face and Body Lotion:  Confession!  I know I'm supposed to use sun block every day, but I usually don't.  My tinted moisturizer has SPF 15 in it, so I wear that sometimes, and my lipstick also has SPF 15...but other than that, I don't usually wear it seperately unless I'm going to be outside for an extended period of time.  BUT, that being said, there are definitely times when I've been caught outdoors without it when I've really needed it!  So keeping these little packets in my purse will save my butt (well, my face...) on a sunny day!

Macadamia Natural Oil: Deep Repair Masque.  Seeing as I quit dying my hair years ago, I don't really need these "deep repair" kind of things like I used to.  But I will give this a try! I'm just not sure if I want to use it now or wait until I get my dead ends snipped off...

And then at the bottom, a Madewell nail file.  Nothing terrible special about this, except for the pretty design.

All in all, I'm much happier with my Birchbox this month. I think I'll stick with it and see what else they have to offer me!

As always, this is not a sponsored post.  But if you'd like to sign up for Birchbox for yourself, please feel free to use my referral link.  Thank you!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

#AWP2013, oh my!

Well, today was my first day at the huge AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) conference.  And whoo boy! I am exhausted already!  This stuff takes a lot out of me, I don't know how people do it all the time.

For those of you going to the remaining days of the conference, I have some pointers for you.  I was a newbie this time around and I wish someone would have told me this before today:

-Bring a cell phone charger.  Your battery WILL get dangerously low (especially if you're taking photos and video of panels! I had to refrain from using Instagram as much as possible!) and there are outlets that you can grab a quick charge off of.

-Get to your panels EARLY.  Especially if it's something that you can see a lot of other people going to.  (For example, "Keeping track of your novel" was so full that there were probably a good 20-30 people sitting on the floor.  Most people recommend getting to each panel 15 minutes early, but I had the best luck when I got there 30 minutes early.  Also, if you want a seat, don't be timid.  It's okay to sit on the floor, so just waltz right in there and sit.

-Boston in March is cold, snowy and windy. I really wished I had packed a scarf and some rain boots.  If you need a scarf, there is a woman in the book fair selling beautiful Guatemalan fair-trade handmade scarves for $35-$45.  WAY more than I wanted to spend, but depending on how cold it is on Friday and Saturday, I might just be persuaded to scoop one up.

-Don't use cash on the bus.  NO ONE uses cash anymore and you will look and feel like an idiot when your dollar won't go in the machine and you hold up literally everyone.

-There's a Trader Joe's right across from Hynes Convention Center.  WAY cheaper (and better for you!) food than the restaurants and concession stands inside!

-Travel light.  I made the mistake of wearing a dress that DIDN'T have pockets, and I was shuffling my debit cards/cash and business cards from pocket to pocket of my purse all day.  There is a coat check ($3) but it was totally worth it to not have to cart my coat around!  I think I'm going to go as far as to leave my purse behind tomorrow and just bring my tote bag...by the end of the day, your back will be killing you.  Trust me.

That's all for my tips from today!  I'll check in again later with more updates on how the conference went!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Worst possible thing to say.

Today I went to the doctor and had some bloodwork done.

Now, for some reason I have teeny tiny little flat veins.  Which  means, you basically can't get any blood out of my arms--you have to go in through the back of my hand with a butterfly needle. (I usually tell the phlebotomists this up front.)

Well, today my phlebotomist was like, "Let me see if I can just find one in your arm..."

She poked around desperately.  Nope.  Nothing.

So she reluctantly went in through my hand.

And said...

"UH OH."

There's a Bill Cosby skit about the worst thing to hear a doctor say during surgery--"oops!"--and needless to say, I was scared to death.  I can't handle needles well, so I couldn't turn my head to actually LOOK at what she was uh-ohing...so I'll never know...

She made me run my other hand under hot water for a few minutes to warm it up so she could try again.  I guess my cold hands and tiny, flat veins just don't make a good combination.

Needless to say, she got the blood she needed and I didn't bleed out all over her floor.  So it was a good day.