Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's not me it's you.


Looking for apartments has to be one of the most stressful things in the world.  You know what you want and what your price range is, but nothing seems to match up just right.  If you find something in your price range, it's too far from work.  If you find something close to work, it doesn't allow pets.  It's really hard.

I've gotta get out of my apartment soon, though.  My neighbors are becoming disrespectful (they came in at 1 AM on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning and proceeded to have a loud party, complete with blasting music and a drum kit, that lasted for at least four hours, possibly even longer) and when I left them a note informing them that people live here and they should be more considerate (not many people actually live here: I thought it was reasonable to think they might not know anyone can hear them) it was responded to with the following:

"The drama llama says balls. Ha ha!"

Which, y'know, is rude to begin with, presumably NOT written by a fourth grader--despite how mature it is, and also just...the bad punctuation just infuriates me.  I think after everything that might, in fact, be the offense I'm the most upset about.

I've been here for three years and I've never made a peep to anyone, so they probably assume the note was left by someone else (there are some notorious note-leavers here) but...honestly.  I'm so annoyed.  I hope I can find a nice, normal place soon with people that keep normal hours.

Until then, I'll be curled up with my newly downloaded sound machine app.  It might not block them out, but at least it helped me fall asleep eventually!

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