Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wet blanket attends (another) concert.

Remember roughly two years ago when I went to see Bright Eyes at the Radio City Music Hall and decided that I was, in fact, too old for concerts?

Well, I've been going to concerts since then.

The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Leonard Cohen, Afghan Whigs, Gin Blossoms...
and last night...
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Concerts grew on me a bit, especially the outdoor arenas where I could just lay back on the grass and wander up front if I wanted to. (The Decemberists was the best show ever.  I want them to come back every year.)  Really calm, no one shoving and sweating all over me... but after last night (although it was a great show, don't get me wrong) I'm back to my I'm-too-old-for-this mentality.  I sat in a cramped seat next to a girl who kept rubbing her butt on me as she danced (even after I gave her a warning jab to let her know that wasn't the chair she was bumping into!) and by the end of the show both my coat and my boyfriend's hoodie were covered in $13 worth of mystery beer.  (But hey, at least it wasn't pee.)

The good news is, I have seen almost every band I've set out to see.  I only have Tom Waits left on my definitive list--and he apparently keeps his tours annoyingly in the mid-west, so that might be a hike.  I'd also like to see Transiberian Orchestra one of these days, but they come around every year so it's not as much of a novelty.

But yes.  All in all it was a good show.  I had no idea Nick Cave was that much of a rock star, but he had a ton of energy and was grabbing everyones hands and playing it up.  They played Red Right Hand which is my favorite--I would have paid money to just hear them play that over and over.  Super glad that I got to go, despite my friendly-butted neighbor and the beer bath.

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