Monday, May 20, 2013

Ditching Birchbox. (Boxes April and May)

I got my last Birchbox the day of the marathon bombing, and I didn't feel it was appropriate to really blog about makeup on a day like that.  Unfortunately, putting it off meant I forgot to post it for the whole month of April.  Here's the short version:

We have...
Beauty Protector, Protect and Detangle:  It smells good but is nothing I would buy--I use it to help with heat styling, but it weighs down my hair.  It's not exactly sticky, but I definitely can't run my fingers through my hair after I use it.  The only bonus is that it doesn't seem to set off my allergies like most hair products due.

Caudalie S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue: I put on a few blobs of this dark circle/puffiness remedy and immediately broke out--and my skin is pretty tough.  No, thank you.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream:  I didn't feel or see much of a difference when I put this on, but man, did it STINK! It smelled like an overflowing ash tray in a closed-up hotel room.  Bleh!  I tried it twice, once alone and once under makeup.  I read on the site that you "definitely don't want to fall asleep with zinc on your face!" so you should make sure to take this off before going to bed.  I didn't do so, and my skin was fine, but I was pretty freaked after that.  I mean, I know we're supposed to take off all our makeup before bed, but...why zinc specifically?  What is supposed to happen if you don't?  I'll let you know if my skin starts coming off in chunks or something.

Yes to: Carrots/Grapefruit/Cucumber:  Tiny samples of a scrub and dark spot corrector.  I don't have dark spots, but I used it anyway.  Nothing exciting to report.  I also got a Cucumber Mint chapstick which was as boring as your average chapstick.  I was really disappointed in this stuff specifically because I can run down to Target and pick up this brand--I thought the point of Birchbox was to introduce us to brands we might not already use or find on our own.  Bah.

Out of everything in this box, the only thing I'm going to actually keep using is the detangling spray. Everything else was a bummer.


May Birchbox:

amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask:  I was excited at first until I realized this is simply a conditioning mask for your hair.  This would be all well and good except I still haven't used the leave-in hair treatment from my March Birchbox.  I wish they would shake things up a little.

Marvis toothpaste:  Again, I was excited at first to see an imported italian toothpaste.  Sounds fancy, right?  Unfortunately, one of the ingredients is Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and that bothers my gums.  Can't use it.  Bummer.

COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face:  Not really a moisturizer, but a sunblock. Which is, surprise, just what they sent me in March, which I still haven't used.  Again, shake things up a little, please.

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner: (in black) A waste for me, as my eyeliner is tattooed on.  I have no use for eyeliner.

Pilot Corporation of America Acroball PureWhite pen:  Yikes.  Talk about a reach, Birchbox.  How is a pen a beauty supply? The Birchbox reviews are pretty amusing--everyone is equally pissed.  And it writes in pink ink, so it definitely won't get used much.  Boo.

Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Eau de Parfum: When I see a perfume sample I pretty much just throw it out. So, that was equally wasteful of Birchbox.

So after all this, I've cancelled my Birchbox subscription and moved on to ipsy's Glambag.  The one good thing about Glambag is that each subscriber gets the SAME bag as everyone else does every month--so it won't be like looking under the Instagram #birchbox hashtag and getting envious because everyone else got better products than me!  (And honestly, with Birchbox, they did!  Lipsticks and blushes and foundations and mascara...things I actually would have used!)

Plus with Glambag you get a cute reusable makeup bag every month! I'm excited about that.

Birchbox could have been a lot better if they simply had a better system!  If I could have checked a box that said, "Don't send me perfume" or "I don't wear eyeliner", it would have been really helpful.  Of course, ipsy doesn't have such a box to check either, but at least their bags look more fun.  We'll see!

Same as before, if you'd like to sign up for ipsy's Glambag, please use my referral link!  (Katie, this means you.) ;)


Jessie said...

Aha but I did find this link:

... where you can fill out your profile, and I found that when I edited mine just now, it has a dropdown that asks you how you feel about fragrance samples: "Awesome" or "Not my favorite". I'm betting that's how they know what to send you.

I'm not calling you out, but if you ever go back to BB to try it again... there's always that. What colors of makeup do you use? If I get some I won't use (I'm fussy), I can send them your way. I signed up with your referral link... hope you got the points!

Alison said...

Unfortunately I don't think they really go by those profiles and surveys...I definitely selected that I didn't want perfume and I got it two or three times. Blah.

All in all I was disappointed bc I really wanted more fun makeup to play around with, and instead I pretty much just got lotions and soaps and clear lip balm.

Jessie said...

Hmmmm.. well I won't be suprised then if that seems to be the case with my account. I guess we'll find out! You should post something when you get your Glam box.