Friday, May 31, 2013

Ushering in June with my late May ipsy Glambag...

Guys, my first bag just got here yesterday and I'm already so glad that I switched.
First of all, the little bag it comes with is super convenient.  I do a lot of traveling and the bags I currently use just weren't cutting it, I needed a slightly bigger one.  This one is perfect, and has a light colored inside so that darker items won't be so easily overlooked.

Immediately upon opening the bag I was presented with coupons--$110 off hair styling tools, and a list of all the deals I could get on the ipsy website.  I like this a lot better than Birchbox, who was just spamming my mailbox occasionally with sales that generally were either not relevant, or expired as soon as I went to use them.

Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-on by Pacifica: Well, I have to say one thing--even though I'm not thrilled with perfume samples, I'm somewhat more okay with getting a full size roll-on!   The scent is really strong right out of the bottle, but I'm told it mellows after putting it on.  The scent reminds me of those cheap body mists everyone used to douse themselves with in high school...
Remember them?
I was partial to the cotton candy variety, myself.  Whenever I walked into a room people would almost instantly react "ooh, I smell cotton candy!"

I digress.  

Zoya nail polish in Gie Gie:  Pretty and sparkly, but I've never been one for pinkish nails.  (Currently wearing OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys on my fingernails and OPI San Tan-Tonio on my toes--both varying shades of brown.)  I think my biffle might find this nail polish in a care package...

Mini Brow Gel by Anastasia: SUPER excited about this stuff!  I have wavy/curly hair and although my eyebrow hair is straight for the most part, it can get really unruly on the edges near my temples.  I've used this once already and although the "crunchy", hair-gel like feeling will take some getting used to, it does hold my eyebrows in place like a charm.

Color Sheers Lipstick by Mirabella in Pixie: Super excited to get a lipstick, but not thrilled with the shade.  This stuff goes on more like a balm and is super moisturizing (without a yucky lipstick taste) but this dark coral color (even though it went on sheer) collected around the edges of my lips and nothing else.  You know how if you eat a spicy meal the edges of your lips swell up and darken a little?  It looks like that.  I've tried it twice, but I'm not a fan...wish I got a nude color.  I want to see how I look with lips like this:
Probably pale and sick and washed out...but, we'll see.

Concealer Refill by yaby in buff:  Hmm. A teeny, tiny, magnetic (I think it's meant to go in a big case/palette like this, but I'm not spending the $20ish on the case!)  I've only tried this quickly but so far I don't like it--it goes on very thick and doesn't seem to blend without getting flaky.  It might work better on someone with oily skin.

All in all, I'm still incredibly picky when it comes to beauty products, I guess, but ipsy turned out to be way better than Birchbox.  All along, I was looking for more fun products to play around with--not things like chocolate, hair ties, toothpaste, and pens.   Ipsy's Glambag seems way more my speed!

If you're interested in signing up for Ipsy's Glambag yourself, feel free to use my referral link!

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