Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hair update!

I might have made progress on saving my henna-hair disaster.

After I washed my hair last night--three times--with my clarifying shampoo, my hair was officially the worst it has ever looked.  I looked like someone dumped a bottle of olive oil right on my head.  It was sticking out in crazy directions from the was awful.

I wore a hat to work, it was so bad.

Today I decided I meant business.  So I filled up the tub and soaked my hair as long as I possibly could, until the water started to get pretty cold.  Then I drizzled a bunch of apple cider vinegar on my hair and let it sit for a while.  After that, I used a little bottle of Axe (yes, men's!) shampoo that my boyfriend had left here for when he stays over.  (Sorry Shaun! I'll buy you some more.)

The reason I used Axe rather than any of the pricey shampoos that I have?  Axe has sulfates in it.  In addition to sulfates having a pretty bad reputation, I'm also allergic to them--and have been for years, before I finally figured out why I was sneezing all the damn time.  (This is pre-owning-a-cat years.  Now I just sneeze all the time from the cat!)

So, as you can imagine, the shampoos in my house don't have sulfates in them.  Which is usually a good thing.  Until it comes to fighting Henna.

I blew my hair dry and straightened it as usual, and it looks about 90% better.  It pretty much looks exactly like my normal hair, there's just a slight greasy spot on the left hand side that no one would notice except me.

I guess I'm going to have to run out and grab myself some sulfate shampoo until the Henna mess settles down, and hopefully it will continue to help!

While I have you: What the hell is up with LinkedIn constantly suggesting you add people that you've already tried to add except they've denied you?  I didn't even notice they were doing this, so I figured, "Hey!  There's Joe.  We aren't friends on LinkedIn, I'll have to fix that."  But then when I logged in a few months later (I've been a sporadic user, up until lately) I'd see Joe AGAIN, and try to add him again, because I completely forgot that I had tried to add him before.

Ugh.  Way to go, LinkedIn.  Using my poor memory against me.  It's not bad enough that these people have already decided not to connect with me for whatever reason--now you have to make me look like a crazed stalker who tries to add them every month.



And on the other hand, what reason would you use to NOT connect to someone on LinkedIn, if you knew them professionally?  Isn't that the whole point?  It's not like I request people who I don't know.

I don't get networking.  But I'm working on it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't dye over your henna: A Public Service Announcement

So, here's the thing.  With my uber pale skin and my blue eyes, I was sort of meant to be a redhead.  While throughout the years I had come to accept my natural hair color (brown), whenever I wasn't a redhead, I felt like there was something missing.

For the past four(ish) years, I'd been a full-blown brunette.  I had vowed to use fewer chemicals in my life, so along with quitting smoking and drinking Diet Coke, I said goodbye to my beloved red hair dye, too.

But recently, I gave up. I wanted to be red.  I wanted to be Christina Hendricks, Karen Gillan RED.

I tried to be "healthy" about it at first.  I used "Rainbow" brand Henna (I had also used LUSH Henna years ago) but the red was nowhere near as vibrant as I wanted it to be, and it washed out quickly.  So after waiting 3 months, I headed to the hairstylist.

Even though I told her that I had dyed my hair with Henna, she didn't argue when I asked her to color my hair.  Personally, I knew there was some risk involved, but I figured three months was plenty of time for the Henna to grow/fade away.

Not true.

1) The color had some trouble "taking" to the thicker pieces of my hair.  I'm not sure how much of this was due to the fact that she applied the hair color backwards (to the roots first!) and how much of it was due to the Henna...
2) Even though my hair seemed fine at first, after the first few washes I quickly noticed a new problem--my hair WILL. NOT. DRY.

I spent 4 hours blowdrying my hair one night, only to finally admit defeat and go to bed with wet hair.  Apparently, the Henna (which bonds to the proteins in your hair, I believe) and the hair dye are having a not-so-pretty chemical reaction...which in the end, leaves me with hair that will not dry, and then ends up looking greasy the next day.  Yuck!  I have NEVER had greasy hair or skin--if anything, I'm usually a little on the dry side.

I've found a bit of relief by using hair masks (some people claim that mineral oil will strip Henna out of hair, but I didn't have any handy) but it is short lived.  I now have a very strange phenomenon: hair that looks cleaner when it's actually dirty, and looks greasy once it's clean!  Gross!

I'm hoping frequent washes will eventually get what's left of the Henna out of my hair.  When I dyed over my LUSH Henna years ago, I do NOT remember having a reaction like this (although I do vaguely remember posting on Facebook "WHY is my hair so greasy?!", but it seemed like a short-lived thing!)

So ladies, my advice to you: If you're thinking of dying your hair with Henna (but plan on dying it again later) or dying OVER your Henna---STEP AWAY FROM THE HAIR DYE!

You're welcome.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quiet month of July...

I just realized I didn't post a thing for the month of July!

I was super busy, spending the first week on vacation in Maine with my best friend Katie and her family.  It was a fun time with lots of swimming, boating, fishing, shopping and, of course...a sunburn for me. I got a lot of work done on my novel (not having the distractions of home was great!) and did a lot of research, seeing as my main character grew up in Maine.

July was also my mom's birthday.  We went to the mall like we usually do and I paid for her manicure and pedicure.

And last weekend, Sara and I went to New York City.  I usually try to do NYC somewhat frugally, but this time all bets were off!
We had tea at the Plaza, went to Tiffany's (I bought a necklace), The Raines Law Room, the MOMA...and then on Sunday when Sara had a conference to go to, I ventured out on my own and grabbed a latte (with latte art!) and went to see Jersey Boys on Broadway.  I had a great orchestra seat and I loved the show!

Now I have to forgo spending for a little while (when budgeting, I didn't take into account hidden hotel charges and New York's massive sales tax!) but we definitely had a great time so it was all very much worth it.  I can't wait to go back...I've finished up writing my 30 by 30 list (I'll tell you all about that in a later entry!) and there are still a ton of things in NYC I have yet to do!

Oh, and a question for you guys: What are you using to read blogs with, now that Google Reader has shut down?  I loved Google Reader and feel so lost without it! In truth I think that's why I haven't been blogging...I feel like what is the point, if Google Reader is gone? Do people even read blogs without it?