Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quiet month of July...

I just realized I didn't post a thing for the month of July!

I was super busy, spending the first week on vacation in Maine with my best friend Katie and her family.  It was a fun time with lots of swimming, boating, fishing, shopping and, of course...a sunburn for me. I got a lot of work done on my novel (not having the distractions of home was great!) and did a lot of research, seeing as my main character grew up in Maine.

July was also my mom's birthday.  We went to the mall like we usually do and I paid for her manicure and pedicure.

And last weekend, Sara and I went to New York City.  I usually try to do NYC somewhat frugally, but this time all bets were off!
We had tea at the Plaza, went to Tiffany's (I bought a necklace), The Raines Law Room, the MOMA...and then on Sunday when Sara had a conference to go to, I ventured out on my own and grabbed a latte (with latte art!) and went to see Jersey Boys on Broadway.  I had a great orchestra seat and I loved the show!

Now I have to forgo spending for a little while (when budgeting, I didn't take into account hidden hotel charges and New York's massive sales tax!) but we definitely had a great time so it was all very much worth it.  I can't wait to go back...I've finished up writing my 30 by 30 list (I'll tell you all about that in a later entry!) and there are still a ton of things in NYC I have yet to do!

Oh, and a question for you guys: What are you using to read blogs with, now that Google Reader has shut down?  I loved Google Reader and feel so lost without it! In truth I think that's why I haven't been blogging...I feel like what is the point, if Google Reader is gone? Do people even read blogs without it?

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Rhi said...

I do still read blogs, but I also never used google reader.