Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy lots of things!

All of a sudden this year blew up a little with craziness, so I'd like to say congratulations to my friend Stina, on her Hawaiian wedding!  You know those old friends who you don't see nearly enough?  Stina is definitely one of those!  I got to see her at her bridal shower though, I'm very glad she invited me.

Also, I just found out yesterday that another friend of mine is pregnant with her first child, but they haven't made the "official" announcement yet, so I won't mention their names here!  Let's just say I'm super excited for them and will definitely be stealing their child and cloth-diapering it.  I might give it back when they ask, maybe...

In "me" news, I am looking at an apartment next week that I am pretty excited about!  It's in a location that couldn't be more perfect, I just hope I'm not disappointed my the interior.  We'll see!  I said one year ago that I didn't want to spend another year in this apartment, especially not another winter, and maybe I won't have to! That would be a relief!

I'm also thinking about grad school but in a sort of half-assed way.  I'm still not sure if it would really benefit me career-wise, and how the cost would work out.  If student loans are forgiven after 20 years of on-time payments, would that make grad school essentially free?  I mean, if that's the case, shit.  Sign me up for the most prestigious grad school around!  If not, eh.  I might do my masters online!

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