Saturday, November 9, 2013

30 by 30. (Post 1)

So some of you may remember that I was busily trying to compile my 30 by 30 list a little while ago.(You know, 30 things to do/see/accomplish before you turn 30?)

Well, I finished writing the list a few months ago, and since 30 is only about 7 months away now (yikes) I've kicked into high gear.  I thought I'd share the list with you now, but I appear to have misplaced the notebook I wrote it in. (Oh boy. Let's move "be more organized to the top of that list, shall we?)

Have no fear, I have MOST of the list saved in my phone.  I'll give you a small chunk of it for now:

1. Graduate college
2. Eat in a fondue restaurant
3. Ride an elephant
4. Eat at the Cheesecake Factory

I have done all of these things! Hurray! I graduated college (April 2012) ate at a fondue restaurant (The Melting Pot for my 27th birthday) rode an elephant (at the Big E a few years ago) and ate at the Cheesecake Factory TWICE--once for my 26th birthday (I think?) and once for my 28th.

Riding an elephant was pretty scary, actually, but I'm a wimp who is both afraid of heights and thinks that animals might snap and attack at any moment.  I was also a little sad for the elephant--who wants to parade around in a circle all day?  He looked all dry and hot.  I wanted to turn the hose on him.

I'll be back soon with another installment of 30 by 30!

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