Saturday, January 18, 2014 is either really good or really bad.

I've known about for a while, but I'd never really poked around there.  Today I was researching an article I'm working on and I got completely sucked in!

I've been stalled in production for my children's television show for years.  I always get little stops and starts (oh! a famous author agreed to let me use her book! oh…now she's no longer responding to my emails? -and- oh! a guy agreed to help me write math songs! oh…now he's no longer responding to my emails…you get the point!)  The problem is, no one wants to do anything for free, and no one really has the passion to put a lot of time into helping out.  So I'm on my own…and on my own, well…I do my best, but things like work, school, and my novel come first. might be the answer to my troubles.  It's a little soon to tell, but just browsing it, they have a lot of services that I'm looking for: they'll write jingles, record animated intros…hell, there are even people who will record their kids shouting whatever you want.

I'm going to try to scale everything down a bit and see if, by utilizing, I can get this show off the ground…eventually.

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