Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Jungle Garden

When Shaun and I first moved in, we were excited that we had a HUGE garden plot in the backyard.  We'd both dabbled very briefly in gardening (I grew some herbs on my windowsill, he grew tomatoes, jalapeños and eggplant in pots) and we couldn't wait to do things on a larger scale.

We stepped up to the challenge of this new garden the best way we knew how:  We divided it in half, tilled it, mixed in some fertilizer, and started planting!
Here's Shaun tilling the garden in preparation for planting!

We pretty much picked up anything that sounded good to us at the store.  There was no rhyme or reason: we didn't check which plants needed full sun, which needed shade, or when their harvesting times were.  We just went a little nuts.

Tomatoes, jalapeños, cucumber, squash, eggplant, zucchini, strawberries, green beans, corn, basil, spinach, cilantro, rosemary...we planted pretty much anything we could think of.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the garden is looking awesome.  We've harvested some cherry tomatoes, a few cucumber...I've done some pickling.  It's been fun.

Fast forward a WEEK later, and all of a's a literal jungle out there.

Has anyone seen Shaun? He said he was going to look at the garden, but I can't find him...

Needless to say, next year we'll keep up with weeding and mulching, and get some stakes for the climbing plants to climb up. (I had no idea that cucumbers and squash were climbers!)  We can't even walk around some of the plants!

We've had some nice harvest so far, though. I can't wait to see what else we get! Not bad for a first try.  I've been pinning recipes on Pinterest for days!  I'll share some here. :)


Mary Jo said...

that's awesome!!! Can I make some garden suggestions for you for next year?

Corn- Don't plant it in the same place 2 years in a row. It pulls all the nutrient out of the soil ( i believe it's nitrogen that it robs the soil of) and basically completely wipes out the dirt for planting. Often people will plant just a basic grass or something for a year to replete the soil.

As far as cucumbers and squash go, YOu can plant them in a mound and if you plant it at the top od the mound, it will grow around it.

Either way, your garden looks incredible! Lucky!!

Alison said...

Thanks! I definitely didn't know that about the corn--I will remember not to plant anything in that spot next year!

The poor cucumbers died suddenly overnight. I looked it up and it sounds like it was either a type of bug that killed them or a kind of bacteria. either way, it did not spread to the zucchini or squash, so I'm glad for that.

I think next year we are going to definitely stake the cucumber and squash, and plant the zucchini all by itself since it spreads out so far.