Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: Writing Storybooks for Children

I found a Groupon for the course Writing Storybooks for Children.  Because naturally, taking a break from school means I have to get something else done, or else I feel like a slacker.


It must be nice to relax, but I'm not familiar with that sensation.

Anyway, I felt like it would be a good idea to take this course, since it gives you a certificate when you're finished (something to put on my resume, huzzah, even better!) and since my work-in-progress is a middle-grade novel.

By this point, I'm almost through with the course.  And I have to say that I'm not terribly impressed.  I've taken some notes, but overall, I'm not sure how this course (which was written in the UK) translates into American writing.  It feels a bit outdated and incorrect.  (For example, it keeps suggesting I write to publishers to request their submission guidelines...with no mention of checking their websites, and no mention of querying literary agents.)

I'm pushing through and getting what I can out of it, but, holy cow.  The Groupon was for 95% off, meaning the original price is somewhere around $500.  I would have felt so ripped off if I had paid full price!

That being said, if you are in the UK, you might get quite a bit out of the course.  But I'm not sure that I am!  I'll continue taking notes and trying to make the most of it, though.

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