Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What is WattPad?

I've recently started using WattPad.

Here's the thing: I'm super picky about my writing.  I literally have boxes and boxes worth of old writing, as well as a huge folder filled with all my digital writing.

Out of all those pieces, how many actually see the light of day?  How many do I actually submit to magazines, literary agents, or contests?  Maybe 10.  Maybe.

The rest sits around collecting dust.  Sometimes I think maybe I should polish these up and try to publish them... but honestly it's such a huge undertaking that I've never done it.

Enter WattPad.

I just made an account and began publishing my first novel there, chapter-by-chapter.

No, not the most recent novel that I've been shopping around to literary agents and publishers--my real first novel.  The one I don't talk about.  The one that will probably never result in people calling Ladybird Adrift my "second novel."

Completed in 1998 when I was in eighth grade, Final Departure is the story of Jamie Munroe, a young girl who gets a more exciting summer than she bargained for when her friend Johnny goes missing.

If you miss jelly sandals, a world before cell phones, and that time when the internet was still a new and exciting invention, you might want to check it out. Link below!  The more views and comments I receive, the more quickly I will post chapters.

Final Departure by Alison Downs

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