Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stitch Fix #2!

After my first Stitch Fix (which was,  if you'll recall, disappointing!) the Stitch Fix team was cool enough to reach out to me, apologize, offer me a credit, and listen to my (extensive!) feedback in an attempt to set things right.

I was really nervous about my second fix. Would they hit the nail on the head? Were they really listening?  When I looked up the names of my pieces (you can snoop a little while the package is en route, but you can't see exact details like fabric type and color) I was even more nervous.  Sure, the word "chevron" was gone, but this time "crochet" was used (twice, again!) in its place.  I held my breath.

When my Fix arrived, I ripped it open so quickly that I wasn't even able to take pictures of the unwrapping process.  Needless to say, the color palette was spot-on this time.  Where last time the colors I got were white, teal, bright blue, and light gray, this time I was sent burgundy, brown, bone, dark gray, and navy and white striped.  All colors I love...much more my style.

It was dark when I took my photos, so unfortunately they came out even worse than last time.  I really need to enlist Shaun's help for these, but I get too impatient!

Here's what was in my Fix:

Under Skies Janae Sleeveless Crochet Front Maxi Dress - $78

The color of this dress was a medium brown, and it was very pretty. The material was also very nice and soft, but ultimately I just didn't like how the elastic waist hit me, which was the same problem I had with the last maxi dress they sent me. It just wasn't flattering.  I actually think it looks much better in this photo than it did it real life.

Verdict: Sent back.

Alternative Apparel Silverman Raglan Striped Cotton Knit Shirt - $34

This was a nice striped shirt that I wanted to like. It was loose in the stomach (which is important since stripes show every imperfection and my stomach is my trouble area) but the problem was, the shirt was just huge overall.  The sleeves hid my hands and the waistband hit below the butt.  It was a size large but definitely fit more like a 2XL would!  I don't mind oversized shirts, but this one was pretty shapeless. 

Verdict: Sent back.

Kensie Spacey Mixed Material Short Sleeve Top - $58

I liked the front part of this top (a nice dark grey jersey cotton) but the back part was both a strange fabric (polyester maybe?) and see-through.  This is the second "mixed material" shirt I've been sent, and so far I'm not a fan. I did like that it had a high-low hem, though.

Verdict: Sent back.

Honey Punch Wakeman Crochet Open Cardigan - $54

I liked the color of this one, but I couldn't see myself wearing an all-over crochet pattern.  It felt too hippie and old lady all in one.  Not my thing.

Verdict: Sent back.

Kut From The Kloth Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pants - $68

I don't think these are listed correctly, as I'm pretty sure they had a girls name on the tag (Jennifer, maybe? Not Danny.) but still...these are perfect.  Sure, they look exactly like another pair of pants I have, but they're better because they actually have some stretch to them and are comfortable! These babies look like nice work pants but feel like yoga pants. I'm in love!

Verdict: Happily kept.

So, all in all, I'm not in LOVE with Stitch Fix yet, but this Fix was much more my style and proved they actually looked at my boards and read my notes. I feel like we're on the right track, and hopefully we can get to a point where I'm smitten over a whole fix.  I've left the stylist some additional notes and suggestions...we'll see!  I do believe that it's probably a lot easier to style for me in the fall because my favorite colors are all fall-like (burgundy, mustard/goldenrod, emerald, etc) and my favorite styles seem to be fall styles, too.

Anyway, as usual, if you'd like to try out Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up!