Tuesday, November 11, 2014

No Spend November: How's it going?

We're almost halfway through November, and all I have to say is...yikes!

I thought this would be a fairly easy experiment.  It would give me time to plan for Christmas buying,  and it wouldn't be too hard otherwise because I didn't "need" anything.

And them my mom came to visit and we went to Kohl's.  MAN OH MAN.  Talk about trial by fire! I can quite easily blow a ton of money in Kohl's (especially when they give you those great 30% off coupons) but I managed to behave myself.  I -almost- cracked and bought a purse (I'd really like a cross-body one) but I decided it wasn't big enough to fit my necessities and I put it back. Phew!

There have been some other challenges. A friend of mine released her debut novel this month, and even though I'm dying to read it, I'm going to wait until December.  I need to get a new pair of Spanx since my old ones tore.  I saw a really cute coat in an Old Navy commercial. I found a bunch of writing contests that I want to submit to, but they ALL charge submission fees.  It's been a little tough.

I did buy two items from my Stitch Fix, but that was allowed in my original rules.  Other than that, I bought a $1 sheet of to/from labels from Target as a Christmas-prep kinda thing.  So, so far, No Spend November hasn't broken me.  It's been trying, though! I hope I don't go spend crazy in December as a result. :-/

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