Saturday, November 1, 2014

No Spend November Starts Now!

The Rules:

Duh.  Don't spend any money in November.

(This does not count necessities: groceries, cat food and litter, gas, anything medical myself (or my cat!) may need.  I have amended the rules slightly to include that I am allowed to buy things from my monthly StitchFix, if I see fit.  Also, since I'm going on a weekend trip to Florida this month, I'm not including any money I spend there.  I don't intend on really purchasing anything there, though.)

This is just a fun little exercise to see how much money I can actually save by cutting out extra purchases for a month.  I know a lot of ladies also participate in this, so give me a shout if you're doing this, too! Solidarity, am I right? ;)

I'm hoping it will be easy.  I don't think anyone I know has a birthday in November, so no worries there.  (This does, however, prevent me from doing my Christmas shopping early.)  The only thing I can see being expensive is Thanksgiving...but, that counts as groceries!

Any "extra" money I come up with by the end of the month will be put into one of three funds: the "get LASIK on my left eye as well" fund, the "Disney/Bedford Falls" fund, and the "Columbia Publishing Course" fund.

I'll check back December 1st to let you all know how I did!



Kimberly Brown said...

I'll be right with you!

Alison said...

Yay! This is my first time trying this out. So far, I've added quite a few items to my Amazon wish list, but I haven't bought anything! Let's just hope I don't go spend-crazy in December to make up for depriving myself!