Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fancy meeting you here.

Well, hello there!  Fancy meeting you here.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I am appropriately swamped (I just typed "swampy."  I am not swampy.) or else I'd be blogging on the regular.  Let's do a quick round up to see what's been going on lately…

-Submitting: I've been entering some short story contests and the like.  I'm focusing on two non-fiction pieces right now…I'll be sure to update here if I have any luck.
-Querying: I'm continuing to query literary agents and small presses with some success.  I've received two offers from small presses, but I haven't made any decisions as of yet.
-School:  Augh, school is killing me.  I don't have much motivation currently and I considered taking a term off, but I'm pushing through despite my heart not really being in it.  I did get off of a wait list and into a class I want for next term (and I only had to buy ONE textbook, yay!) so maybe I'll feel a little better about it by then.  But right now I'm tired and not really interested in what I'm doing…BUT, if I don't take a break, I'll have my graduate degree by this time next year.
-Work: Work is busy but going well. We have a ton of books coming out, plus lots of other stuff going on…I am definitely swamped there, too, but I like it!
-Trips:  I've been going to a lot of concerts/shows this year (Annie, Wicked, Book of Mormon, Shock Treatment/Rocky Horror…) which is awesome.  One of the worst feelings is seeing a show you really want to go to but can't afford.  I've been really fortunate lately to be able to scoop up tickets to pretty much everything I'm interested in.  In the next few months I'm seeing Eddie Izzard, Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy!), Nick Cave and Devendra Banhart, and Ghost the Musical.
-Diet: After almost a full year, I finally lost five pounds…woo hoo!  And I've managed to keep them off for a week, so it wasn't a fluke.  Funny thing is, I'm not sure WHY I lost them (I pretty much always eat normal and very healthy) so I can't replicate it.
-Other stuff:  I am probably rejoining a Rocky Horror cast after a billion years.  I just have to get my Magenta wardrobe together…luckily I found someone who does custom costumes and I'm well on my way!

Well, that's all for now! I'll try to keep updating with some sort of frequency and with more interesting things…photos and stories and the like.