Friday, June 5, 2015

Bucket List Updates, NYC Edition!

A few months ago, Sara had a conference to go to in NYC so I tagged along.

I love going to NYC with Sara because she basically tells me she's up for whatever... which results in me being able to plan a bunch of fun stuff!

For this trip, I crossed two things off my bucket list.  First, we went to Serendipity 3 (the restaurant featured in the John Cusack/Kate Beckinsale movie Serendipity) and had the famous "frozen hot chocolate."

The frozen hot chocolate was good, but not amazing. It did have a distinct "hot chocolate" flavor to it. There were some other interesting flavors, but I wanted to stick to the famous flavor. If I go back, I'll definitely be more adventurous. 

Next, we went to The View Restaurant and Lounge.  I'd literally been trying to get into this place FOREVER, but it always happened to be on the other side of town at dinner time, or the reservation lady was rude and hung up on me. Whatever! Finally the stars aligned and I was able to use those crazy glass elevators (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment for sure, I was quoting it with the other people in our elevator) and eat at the spinning restaurant.

Even more amazing is the fact I didn't touch my phone FOR THE ENTIRE MEAL so I could record this video:

Pretty awesome, right? I thought so! I'd love to go up there on the 4th of July and see all the fireworks go off as we spin.

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