Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Less than thrilled by DailyLook Boxes so far!

A few months ago, I was checking out DailyLook (a service similar to Stitch Fix) and they were offering your first three boxes for free.  I figured it couldn't hurt to check them out, so I did.

These are photos from my second DailyLook box, which -- while admittedly better than my first -- still isn't quite right.
1. This body con dress was cute... but SO short, and the material was really uncomfortable. I never would have worn it.  (Another downside about DailyLook is they don't make it easy to figure out the brand you're trying on.)

2. This dress was cuuuuute and comfy, but holy BOOBS batman! The style was flattering around my stomach and hips, but that super low scoop neck wasn't made for anyone bigger than an A cup. Next!

3. I loved this dress... it was a beautiful color (the photo doesn't do the color justice) and the material was super soft. BUT, what on earth is up with the slits in the side? Am I Angelina Jolie at an award show? Also, I'm five foot eight, and I tried this dress on with heels... and it STILL dragged on the ground.  I really wanted to keep it, but it would have required so much tailoring.  At a price point of high $70s, I couldn't justify that purchase.  Too bad, I really loved the TOP of this dress!

4. I'm having non-buyers remorse with this one. My reasoning behind returning it was that it was SUPER short and I never would have felt comfortable in it... but, golly, it was cute.

Here is dress #2 tried on with a bra that has a built-in modesty panel.  I was hoping I could make the dress into something I could work with, but the modesty panel just made it all look silly.

Not pictured: A pair of jeans that were two sizes too small, and a purse, even though I'm fairly certain I requested no purses.

The pros: After giving feedback on my (colorless) first box, I really felt like my stylist listened to me regarding colors, as I love all these colors.  

The cons: I didn't feel like I could comfortably leave the house in any of these.

The verdict: I sent everything back. Womp, womp.

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