Monday, November 16, 2015

Confused about contouring?

I was talking to a girl at work today (hi, Erica!) and she mentioned she had a blog.  I told her I did, too... and then immediately felt really guilty for somewhat abandoning my blog.

I know I need to get back into the swing of things, so I'll begin by sharing some blogs I've been writing for Three Little Sparrows.

Here's a peek at my most recent work, a newbie's guide to contouring:


Ah, contouring! It’s one of those subtle makeup techniques that looks great on celebs, but can be really intimidating to try yourself for the first time. I still remember the first time I attempted: armed with a bottle of Bare Minerals bronzing powder, I pulled up some YouTube tutorials and applied the powder just the way the girls on my screen did. But when I was finished, I wasn’t sure. Had I used enough powder? I couldn’t tell I had anything on. Was that the point? Had I blended too much? Maybe I wasn’t using the right brushes…
Contour newbie
Contour newbie
Over time, I experimented with different bronzer types and bronzer colors. Bare Minerals made me itch, another brand was too yellow-pigmented…NARS was pretty good, but I wanted one that also had a built-in highlighter…
Most recently, I’ve settled on the cream of the crop, Marc Jacobs. It does the trick, but sometimes I did wonder if I was putting this stuff on right.
Enter one of my besties, Sara Thompson. Sara is a makeup artist (she studied under Mario Dedivanovic, the legend who gave Kim Kardashian her signature sculpted look) and the gal I go to with all my beauty inquiries. She was all too happy to help, and showed up at my door with her makeup bag in tow, for a beginner’s guide to contouring.
Sara Tompson the beauty expert
My girl Sara Thompson, the beauty expert

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