Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #10

(As you may or may not have read, I was recently laid off, so I've paused my Fixes.  However, I still have some catching up to do. Fix #10 was the last one I received, so I'll be going back through my past-but-not-yet-blogged-about Fixes until I can reinstate them.)

Here we go!

1. Renee C Melody Cowl Neck Dress - $38

I saw this on a lovely lady on Instagram and had to request it for myself.  However, it runs small.  I did like the dress, the color was great, (and the price was right... only $38? Wow!) and I didn't think it was terribly unflattering, but I didn't think I would feel very comfortable wearing it... I'd always be adjusting! Verdict? Sent back!

2. RD Style Pasha Textured Dress - $74

Cute, basic black dress with some texture.  I might have considered this if it weren't for the piping that ran down the front of the dress... I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but it was another element that I knew I'd always be struggling to straighten and stressing about.  Verdict? Sent back!

3. 41Hawthorn Sheyna Halter Blouse - $48

Ordinarily, I would have been miffed that my stylist sent me tops.  I had specifically requested dresses (I can never have too many wrap dresses!) and I don't wear pants very often, so blouses are pointless.  HOWEVER, since I just got laid off from a very casual work environment, I know I'm going to need to invest in more office-appropriate attire.  So I gave the blouses a shot!  This one was okay, a dark gray, but I felt it was a bit shapeless.  I could possibly have gotten it tailored, but who has the time/money for that?  Verdict? Sent back!

4. Daniel Rainn Rylin Pintuck Detailed Silk Blouse - $78

I've read a lot of minimalist wardrobe articles that say every woman should own a silk blouse.  I wanted to put this blouse back due to the price, but my brain kept saying, "you don't have a silk blouse" and "you don't even have a nice black work shirt."  I guess this is a wardrobe staple that I needed... and it's cute, right? I justified it by pointing out that I would need it for job interviews and I wouldn't be buying any new clothes for a long time, anyway. Verdict? Kept!

5. Fun2Fun Janina Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse - $44

This top was much more reasonably priced, and the prettiest shade of blue.  I figured it was both office appropriate, comfortable, and my style.  Now I have two blouses for those days I don't feel like wearing a wrap dress!  Verdict? Kept!


My Fixes have really improved since I've requested a specific stylist.  I think going with a "senior" stylist is the way to go!

If you're interested in joining Stitch Fix and having a personal stylist send you clothes based on your style profile and Pinterest boards, please sign up using my referral link!