Saturday, January 9, 2016

15 things I did in 2015...

15 Things I did in 2015:

1. Finally (with the help of a truly great doctor) figured out what was going on with my health.  Went on medication, and I have been gallbladder-attack free ever since! This man basically gave me my life back, and I am forever grateful.
2. Continued with the writing group! We've grown in number this year, been featured in the local newspaper, and we're beginning 2016 with big plans - we're putting together our first anthology!
3. Got my Masters Degree!
4. Got laid off (sad) and started freelancing (happy?) Not exactly what I had in mind for 2015...
5. Recorded a song
6. Sang Skinnamarink with Sharon and Bram (still waiting on the video of this momentous occasion...!) and got to catch up with Patti, Laura, and the rest of the SLB crew.
7. Met Judy Blume and Carroll Spinney!

8. Performed in Rocky Horror as Magenta twice - once for a reunion show, and once at PiCon!
9. Attended the Juniper Institute, thanks in part to my mom and a lot of supportive friends.
10. Completed some major novel revisions
11. Started writing for The Sparrows blog
12. Began working in education for the first time - if you don't count children's television
13. Finally got my passport (a trip to the Bahamas is happening next month!)
14. Went to NYC quite a bit! Saw Gentleman's Guide, and Hedwig... and maybe some other shows I'm forgetting?
15. Started a business with Sara (more on that later!)

Getting laid off certainly threw a monkey wrench into the works, but I think I still managed to have an okay year, even if some of it was stupidly stressful and my current bank balance is less than ideal. (Did you know paraeducators don't get paid over winter break? I didn't...until I saw last week's paycheck, oops!)

Hopefully things will be looking up soon!  I'll be back shortly with 16 things I want to do in 2016, and a resolution round up.

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